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We are happy to welcome Dr. Amy Tilara to our practice....
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took place this year on Sunday,  May 7, 2017.  Advanced Gastroenterology Associates were excited and proud participants and sponsors of this important event. The money raised funds colorectal cancer research and colorectal cancer programs/services at CentraState Medical Center, saving lives right...
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Check out this silly video about gastroenterology!...
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Marathon runner Paulette Stallone, 45, of Manalapan, knows that this solitary pursuit can be as much of a group effort as any team sport. Support and encouragement from other runners, her husband Mike, son Mike Jr., 17, and 20-year-old daughter Nicole...
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Since I have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), do I have a higher chance of getting colon cancer? Yes. IBD can increase the chances of cancer of the intestine by as much as five times. Even so, more than 90 percent...
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